Kind Words

“Being a first time expectant mother is a happy, wonderful time that is also full of questions, stress and doubt. Thank you for being an invaluable resource to me throughout my pregnancy. You were especially important when I went past my due date. Ultimately, I had the birth I wanted because of your help. Thank you for believing in me.”



For the birth of our third daughter we chose a home birth and are so thankful we did! I will forever cherish the experience of welcoming our Tessa into the world in such a peaceful and loving space as our home. Elizabeth was at our birth and I can’t say enough how amazing she was through out the whole experience. She arrived and had such a peaceful, unintrusive presence about her. She was constantly professional and attentive. Always speaking in a quiet peaceful manor, yet meeting me with strength and a constant steady presence when my labor was becoming challenging. Elizabeth got with me in the challenging moments of my labor and physically squatted down with me to stay engaged and help encourage me as she cared for me. From the labor to the postpartum check-ins, Elizabeth was always super easy to talk to, professional, knowledgeable and caring. I am so thankful for the experience of my daughter’s birth and thankful that Elizabeth is a part of our family’s story.


I am so glad Elizabeth assisted with the birth of my beautiful daughter, Sofia. She offered calming and beautiful energy that helped tremendously during my natural water birth. I had my eyes closed for much of the labor and delivery but I could feel her hands as she kindly touched me and offered words of reassurance and encouragement. I highly recommend Elizabeth! I’m certain you will value her wisdom, her energy and will forever be grateful for having her involved in your birth experience as I was with mine.



I would highly recommend a water birth to anyone either at a birth center or at home. I have precious memories of the birth of my daughter, Bimini. I don’t consider myself to be particularly tough; however having my daughter naturally and in the water was the only way I wanted to have her.  When I first found out I was pregnant, I received a lot of well-meaning advice to give birth in a hospital, however I was determined to have a water birth. I did research and reading before deciding that this was the best option for me. I then contacted the Hollywood Birth Center located in Hollywood, Florida and they were wonderful. My midwives, Becky, Elizabeth and Amy were always just a phone call away for anything I had questions or concerns about. My labor and delivery of Bimini was everything I had hoped for, and So much more. I am pregnant again and have the same midwives I had with Bimini. I look forward to having my second child, and anymore in the future, at the Birth Center or at home.



The birth of my second child was an experience I will never forget. It was a quick and intense labor. I went into labor on Labor Day, of all days. The whole thing was 5 hours from start to finish and my son was born peacefully and quickly in water in our home.  Colleen and Elizabeth were with me the entire time providing support and encouragement in ways that I can never repay. I had only met Elizabeth one other time before I went into labor, and she quickly gives off a very peaceful and comforting vibe. I definitely would recommend her, not only as a loving person, but as a very calm and knowledgeable Midwife.


“Elizabeth was absolutely everything I could ask for. She is an exceptional midwife and also became an amazing friend. She made me feel comfortable during pregnancy, always answered any questions or concerns I had. My home birth was life changing and magical. Love her!”


“I can honestly say that my experience Was a wonderful one. From every prenatal visit up to when it came to breathing through every contraction, she was there with us. I cannot say enough about the care I receive. Not only was I informed and educated , But I was also encouraged. I was never judged about my preferences. When the time came closer to labor she prepared ever scenario possible and informed us. She gave us peace of mind. Even though I ended in the hospital after 30+ hours of home labor (first child), she was there with us. She didn’t leave until she knew baby and I would be ok and was there to watch me stand up for my rights! She genuinely cares and I promise, she will become the most amazing friend you have ever had! Liz, thank you for your love and care!”


“Thank you Elizabeth thank you for your support, your wisdom and love during the 9 intensive months of my pregnancy, great caring, love your calming and positive energy. I will always remember you on my son’s birthday for the most beautiful and peaceful birth I had at my home. Thank you.”



“I don’t have enough wonderful things to say about maiden to mother midwifery- Elizabeth is an amazing midwife- she made my homebirth more then I could have ever asked for- highly recommended!!!”



“Elizabeth is incredible. Such personal one in one service. Caring loving and extremely educated and knowledgeable in her field if birth and midwifery. My first birth was an emergency C section. So my second was GOING to go naturally. I hired Liz and she made all my dreams possible. I delivered my baby girl VBAC at home in the water. All natural. The most amazing warrior spirit came through me. My baby was 9 pounds and healthy! Thank you Liz for being a vehicle of inspiration and hope on the most inspiring journey I ever embarked on. Highly refer Liz? Oh yea. To say the least. She’s definitely an angel.”



“The best thing about Lizzie, is that she knows when to step in and help and when to let you do your thing! In our prenatal appointments she set us at ease about the upcoming labor and birth with extensive medical knowledge, birth experience, and parenting experience. The labor was hard bc of the positioning of my baby and bc he was big for my small frame, but I was never scared or discouraged bc of Lizzie’s support. We had a great birth experience and we will definitely go to her for our second!”



“Deciding to have a midwife during my pregnancy and for the birth of my son was one of the best decisions I could have ever made and I got even luckier when I found Lizzie! I knew from our first meeting that I was in good hands, because she made me feel at ease with any reservations I may have had about doing a natural home birth. She was always available when I had a question or issue I was concerned about and that was very important to me. Knowing I had so much support from my midwife empowered me and gave me the confidence I needed in order to bring my baby boy into this world. She educated me throughout my pregnancy on what I should and should not be doing so that I’d have a healthy and happy pregnancy and baby. During my labor and delivery she was my angel, guiding me through all the pain and constantly monitoring my baby and I. Having her by my side made my birthing experience the most magical thing I’ve ever gone through. Even after having my baby she was always there making sure we were all doing ok. I could call or text her at anytime if I had concerns about something. I’m so happy with the choice I made about doing a home birth and having Lizzie as my midwife. I will forever be grateful to her.”



“After a somewhat traumatic experience with the hospital birth of my first baby girl, and getting further along in my pregnancy with my second I began to get major anxiety, stress, and fear about giving birth.
I was worried I wouldn’t make it to the hospital because my first came so quickly and everyone was telling me my second would be even faster!
I was worried about my Dr. not being there, because she didn’t make it for the first.
I was worried about being prepped for an epidural when I was already 9cm dilated and pushing, and when I didn’t want to get one in the first place! I was worried about being screamed at to “Push her out now, or I will cut you!”
I was worried about my baby being taken from me, not because she wasn’t healthy, but because I was bleeding out and the nurse was telling me, “I’m sorry honey, I don’t know why, and even though you are thirsty and starving you can’t have anything because we might have to operate!”
I was worried about my Dr. showing up 5 hours later to reach up into my body and pull out a GIGANTIC blood clot and then proceed to yell at the nurse in front of me.
I was afraid of SO MUCH. So finally, I started my quest to do something different. I really didn’t know anything about home births at all, and the more I read the more intrigued I became. I met with a few mid-wives and although everyone was friendly and very knowledgeable I wanted someone who made me feel 100% at ease. That person was LIZZIE!!! Seriously from the moment I met her she was so knowledgeable, and honest. She made me feel comfortable to ask as many questions as I could come up with (believe me, I had a list)! She listened to my story, she asked about my life, my husband, my wishes. Right away, I’m like THIS IS IT! Why didn’t I know about this option for my first!? From that point on I knew that this was the best decision for me. I looked forward to our visits so much and as the time grew closer to meet my little she was there for me anytime I needed her. I ended up being over due and she was so clear on my options and together we decided on a game plan that was perfect!! My baby girl decided to come early in the morning 3 days later. My water broke at 5am, and Liz was there in 2 minutes!! She was once again reassuring throughout the labor. She gave me time, space, and quiet – and when I needed it she gave me encouragement and coaching on what I needed to do. It was AMAZING! She was ready to call for help on the drop of a dime, (although it was not needed!) which showed that she really has no ego – and only wants the best for you and your baby! My beautiful baby girl was born at 7am in my bedroom, right as the sun was coming up! It really was the most amazing thing in the world! I will forever be grateful to Lizzie and I will be calling her again with my next pregnancy and home birth!”



“Amazing! She was an assistant at my first birth at Hollywood birth center. She was a rock and dealt with all my irrationalness. She coached me. She stood by me. Made me believe in myself and push through (after 23 hours of labor). Naturally I choose her to deliver my second. And she had to deal with my 21 questions the whole time but never once complained. She’s caring, loving, and intelligent. The best mid wife I could ask for 😄”



“Liz was my midwife for my two home births. She showed me and my babies love and care beyond what I would expect from any provider. She is a wonderful person who obviously loves her job, and I would recommend her to anybody who is looking for a caring and competent midwife for their home birth.”



“Elizabeth took care of me throughout my entire pregnancy – from pregnancy to birth to weeks after. I have never experienced such closeness with a healthcare provider as I did with her. She was (and is) so caring and genuine; again, I’ve never felt such a bond – almost like a sisterhood. She was always available for anything at any time and she was very engaged. I highly recommend her! As a first time mom, she was very reassuring and gave me the confidence to believe in my body and myself.”



“Elizabeth is one of the kindest, warmest and most comforting midwives you could hope to meet. She helped bring me peace of mind during a very intense home birth. I absolutely recommend her!!”