Why a Midwife


As a midwife, I focus on the natural process of childbirth, from pregnancy to labor to birth.  I combine traditional midwifery skills with modern medical techniques to offer you and your baby a beautiful, healthy and natural childbirth experience.

As a mom-to-be, you are intimately involved in the entire process. My practice encourages your thorough education in all matters so that you may make truly informed decisions.

You will be empowered with education and introspection to create the perfect birth experience for you and your baby. Childbirth is a perfectly natural and safe part of womanhood when good health and pregnancy are the focus.

Every birth is unique and personal and truly defined by you, with me as your support and guide.

The midwife maintains associations with physicians and other health care providers to ensure that mother and child have the best knowledge and technology available.

Less intrusive

Intimate Personal



No medications, no hospitals

Non-invasive for mom and baby

Hands on for mom and dad and other family members