Did you know THIS?

Did you know this about Midwives and Out-of-Hospital births?

  • Midwives provide One-on-One personal prenatal care either at your home or at a birthcenter or office
  • Midwives have a licensed obstetrician as a back up
  • Midwives have years of training and experience with all kinds of prenatal and childbirth experiences
  • Midwives can assist your birth at home or at a birthcenter
  • Midwife assisted births cost 50%-90% less than hospital births
  • Midwives provide at-home post birth visits to support you and your baby
  • Midwives have a substantially lower episiotomy rate than doctors.

Research shows: “the factor most strongly associated with episiotomy was the category of obstetric care provider,” the study authors note. In a comparison of private practitioners, hospital staff practitioners and midwives, the investigators found that private practitioners were four times as likely as midwives to perform an episiotomy, and faculty physicians were almost twice as likely as midwives to perform an episiotomy. “That difference could not be explained by clinical characteristics of (those giving birth) or demographic factors,” Robinson and colleagues write. They add that their findings are consistent with previous research. “The implications are that there may be a proportion of women who are actually receiving an episiotomy unnecessarily,” Robinson said.” (-Brigham and Women’s Hospital. click here for more information.

  • Midwife attended births have an estimated “cesarean rate of 5.2%, a remarkably low rate when compared to the U.S. national average of 31% for full-term pregnancies.”  (click here for more info.)
  • Midwives have “A lower rate of instrumental deliveries (use of forceps or vacuum extractors).” (click here for more info)
  •  “In 2012, the risk profile of out-of-hospital births was lower than for hospital births, with fewer births to teen mothers, and fewer preterm, low birthweight, and multiple births.”  (Centers for Disease Control. click here for more info )


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Change the Way You Birth!
Change the Way You Birth!