Your Care

From your prenatal care to postpartum care, we are there!

We will provide you with everything from nutritional counseling to prenatal yoga to birth classes to breastfeeding support to placenta encapsulation.

YOUR birth is YOUR choice!

Whether you want to welcome your baby at home or a birth center, it is our honor to assist.

We are hypno-birth and waterbirth friendly. (check out these links for more info: hypno-birthing ,waterbirth or placenta encapsulation)

We are also pleased to assist you with a VBAC birth.

Your bilingual prenatal care package with your midwife includes:

♥      Prenatal Nutritional counseling

♥      A monthly visit for weeks 1-28

♥      A biweekly visit for weeks 28-36

♥      A weekly visit for weeks 36 to delivery

♥      All standard lab work

♥      One home visit at 36 weeks in preparation for homebirth

♥      One standard ultrasound


Your birthcenter or homebirth and delivery care includes:

♥      On call midwife

♥      Newborn Exam

♥      Immediate postpartum care for at least 4 hours post-delivery


Your postpartum care includes several at-home visits with your midwife including:

♥      On call midwife

♥      24 hour visit

♥      3 day visit

♥      2 week visit

♥      4 week visit

♥      6 week visit

♥      Birth certificate filing